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Hello There this is ShadeClan we are not much like the other clans so please read on before joining!

ShadeClan is a Prideful and Wily clan and we are not afriad to say it! We will take advantage of you if we have the chance and we do brag sometimes. We do not like swimming but find stormclan dislikes it more than us. We are not good at running very quickly, but we have dark pelts to blend into the darkness. So we only accept dark oranges and darker no light colors! The eye color however does not matter but we prefer dark. ShadeClan takes pride in there accomplishments and we do not mind the cold.

We live in the forest that is usually dark with thick leaved trees and mostly dirt as the ground. We can be very sneaky in this and pretty good at climbing and jumping. There are no clearings without trees covering it up and a cold pond lay close to the camp.

You will mainly see us eating  toads, rats, and snakes although we do eat other things but not usually. Our main predators are dogs, snakes, and badgers which we can skillfully hide from.

This clan was before known as DarkClan, but we changed it to ShadeClan as it fits us better. You think it is the darkness that scares you most, but what about the shade? You may think I am funny but you'll never know what darkness comes out of the shade. Our previous leader was BlazingStar who led greatly and will be missed, he died from a monster on the two-leg path when we made the journey here.

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