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Welcome to The Warrior Cat Life! We are a cat rp site based off of clan cats. Currently Not Open.

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#jsc #Join #Storm #StormClan #JoinStormClan

Welcome Guest, I see you have interest in my clan? Well you have come to the right place, if you wish to join this clan copy the code below and fill it out then post it.

StormClan cats are fierce and brave and they are the top climbers of the trees. We respect the other clans and try not to get in there way however if any cat was to oppose the warrior code we are not afriad to speak for what is right. Our cats enjoy peace and our cats are usually open about things. We do not like swimming although we find BreezeClan hates it more than us and we do not run as fast or swiftly as the cats of Breezeclan do, but we can be very sneaky. Also, we accept all colors of coat colors.

Our territory is located in the forest, although some of our territory doesn't have just trees we also have meadows and a small creek by BreezeClan's border. In hot summer days it is usually warm under the tree shade and in winter it can be cold to warm. There are many plants and the most common trees are oak and pine trees.

The prey you can mainly find is voles, mice, squirrels, and birds which you have to be skilled to hunt, and the main predators will be badgers or birds of prey.

Our old clan name was LeafClan..what a plain name? We changed it after RoseStar died in a thunder storm, although she did not die from lightning after a badger attack she was blinded and left the camp alone and drowned in a pond that has now dried up. We are not afraid of a storm and will still move on no matter how harsh the season.

Character Name:
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Why Do you want to join?:
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