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#TRS #Theranks #ranksystem #ranks #theranksystem

These cats have already been warriors and as well have had an apprentice and been deputy. They are in total control of the clan and everyone should listen to them unless they receive a message from StarClan. They should be wise, strong, and brave along with having there nine lives from the moon pool.

Lead Elder:
These cats used to be leaders but have retired with 2 or 1 lives left. They help give leaders and deputies advice and can sometimes take over as leader if the leader is gone, such as if the leader went to a gathering with the deputy. They don't really do big things but always try to help.
Closed For Leaders

These cats have been warriors and have also had one apprentice, they are second in control with the lead elder, but still usually have to listen to them. If the leader is gone and the Lead Elder fills no need to lead, they will. They help make patrols and come up with battle tactics as well.

Medicine Cats:
These cats are very skilled at healing and finding herbs. They go out to search for herbs to heal others and also warn cats of the posionous ones. They are closest to StarClan and often tell higher ranks of dreams, thoughts, or warnings. They take on phrophecies and omens as well and must tell the clan. Medicine cats also try to keep peace within clans.
MCA Open
MCA Open
MCA Open
MCA Open

Warriors are very important to the clan life, as other ranks are as well. These cats hunt, fight, spy, and guard the clan making them very clever and strong. They are 12 moons or older and can be close to Starclan.

An apprentice can be training for the warrior, queen, or medicine cat position, with warrior being more common. They are between the ages 6-11 moons, unless they need additional training. There responsibility is to help, train, and clean the elder's moss in their den.

These cats can be moved to this rank from any if found pregnant or having/had kits. If they are temperary ranks they are mainly there to care for there kits. If they are always this rank, they get herbs from medics to help the she-cats if it is not themselves having kits, and they give small training tips to the kits and may even train them for a little when they are close to apprentice age; usually females.

The wisest cats of all, they have either retired early from an injury or just retired because of old age. They give wise advice and ideas to every cat and even tell stories to kits and apprentices to give them hope and incouragment or advice on what not to do/say. Usually aged between 11-16.

Kits are hope of strong clans! They are smart and usually bold at this age. You can sometimes see them trying to help apprentices with moss and you may let them. They are usually born by a temporary queen, but also permanate ones as well. Kits are aged from born-6 moons old.

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The Rank System
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