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PostSubject: TWL History   TWL History EmptyFri Feb 20, 2015 11:43 pm

There was a time before the clans were placed here by Starclan..they lived in a big forest that has now been destoried by two-legs. The clans old names were LeafClan: led by RoseStar, WaterClan: led by EagleStar, NightClan: led by Blazingstar, and the last clan Breezeclan had decided to keep their original name, although it perivously lead Willowstar. These clans are now known as Stormclan, Mistclan, and Shadeclan, along with Breezeclan. They are currently lead by four new leaders. There new territory is located near a lake, the lake is the center of the territory. Stormclan is located on the northen part, Shadeclan is located on the northern west, Mistclan is located is located on the southern west, Breezeclan is located on the southern east, and the moonpool is located on the northern east. The clans have not had many problems in the past but will that change?
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TWL History
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