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Welcome to The Warrior Cat Life! We are a cat rp site based off of clan cats. Currently Not Open.

Which Life Will You Choose To Live?
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 The Warrior Life Plot

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PostSubject: The Warrior Life Plot    Wed Feb 11, 2015 12:41 am

Many moons ago most of all the cat's memories have been lost and forgotten, except those cats who started these clans and moved to this mysterious new land. VenomHeart and Spottedfur, were heavily pregnant at the time of this move. Every she-cat were worried about the two giving birth during the long and dangerous journey. Surprisingly the two did not give birth and made it to their new clan lands. They are known quiet well now, but then they were unknown and dangerous. A prophecy had emerged from somewhere in the heart of the journey. When all the clans began their first gathering Starclan lay every clans medicine cats a new phrophecy. It said, "before their is peace blood will be shed". Every cat wonders were this will begin, you shall find out soon enough.
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The Warrior Life Plot
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